Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Pair of Cute Little Dresses

M and A needed little dresses for Easter, so this what I came up with.  The yarn is a cotton/soy blend called Queensland Collection Bebe Cotsoy and was wonderful to work with.  I got it at Rare Purls in Duluth, Georgia.  I found the inexpensive pattern on Ravelry and it's called the Sarafan Dress.  They worked up quick and were so pretty!

Stash on Display

In December, we moved into an apartment, which is quite a bit smaller than our old house.  As a result, things with my yarn became cramped.  Combine that with the desire to get the yarn out into the open where I can see it, and therefore be prompted to use it, resulted in this.

This image is far from the shelf being as full as it has gotten, but it was a good start.  I still don't think I've found all of my stashed yarn, hooks, needles, or patterns.  The shelf is from Ikea and perfect for this I think.

My First Attempt at Cables

Here's a picture of my first attempt at cables.  Overall I don't think it was too bad, though I did end up frogging the work because the yarn was too bulky for the baby sweater pattern I was attempting.

For the Love of Hats

All I can say is that I really love this hat pattern, as evidenced here and here in previous posts.  And, of course, here:
When I was making this one, little M came up to me and asked:  "Granna, what are you making?"  I told her I was making a hat.  She responded by asking, "Are you making it for me?  You know purple is my faaavorite color."

Beautiful Headbands

I've been so busy crafting, and even taking pictures of those crafts.  I just haven't been very consistent with my taking pictures of those crafts.  So here's the first in a nice flood of things that have been going on in my crafting world.

I've now made several of these headbands from the pattern on Ravelry called the Blue Leaf Headband.  It's a great pattern to make with the leftover yarn from other projects.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Another Beautiful Baby Afghan

Organizing a bunch of files between some backup drives, I found this picture of a blanket I knitted for my great nephew B.  Once again my favorite Bernat Baby Coordinates, this time in the color called "His Jeans".

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Another Reason to Knit Socks

Saw this on the Web this afternoon. Here when I thought socks were only for feet. Leave off the toes of the sock and make leg holes and you get